Sunday, July 21, 2019

You won’t believe what a girl named Hadebe 22 was doing when her dad walked in and gave her beating of her life.

A man named Felix Hadebe has been arrested for beating his daughter and Neighbor after he caught them having sex in his home.

22 years Hadebe invited her 30 years old man friend named Tanaka Moyo to her fathers home in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. While having sex her father walked in from work and beat them with a metal rod.

Moyo managed to escape the beating but Zanele was not so lucky as she was beaten to pups.Neighbours heard her cries and came to her rescue, but by the time they came, she was in a bad state. She was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital.


As for the father, he was arrested for battery.

Zanele, who has now recovered, told B-Metro that her father should have knocked first before barging into her room.

She said:


He should have knocked because I have the right to privacy because it’s my room.

She also added that anger should never make a parent beat a child the way her dad beat her.

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