Top 7 Jobs That you can do that Require Little or No Experience

Are you fresh out of school, looking for a job, but lacking in experience? You might think this will stop you from landing a decent paying job, but that’s not true. Not every entry-level, “no experience necessary” job is a dead-end.

While many professional careers do require formal higher education and years of experience, you can find high paying jobs that don’t require a college degree or prior experience. Some of these jobs even offer paid, on-the-job training!

To help you get started on your job search, check out these 16 suggestions, along with salary estimates and employment requirements.

1. Delivery Driver

delivery driver package

Whether national, regional, or local, companies need delivery drivers. As long as you have a clean driver’s license, you are eligible for these jobs. You don’t need any experience for many of these jobs, and they often offer a lot of scheduling flexibility. Starting with a company as a driver can also help you get your foot in the door, with opportunities to work towards a higher-paying position.

Companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Instacart may have availability for new delivery-partners in your area. And the best part is, you may not even need a car. In some cities, you can choose to deliver using your bike or scooter with Uber Eats.

Annual Salary Range: $16,918 – $46,324

2. Bill Collector

bill collector past due

Experts project the employment rate for bill collectors to grow by approximately 19% in the next 10 years, and most of these positions only require a high school diploma. Job requirements include effectively communicating over the phone and having good customer service skills. Previous bill collection experience is not required.

Annual Salary Range: $21,903 – $47,898

3. Web Developer

Web Developer Designer Template Format Presentation Layout

Becoming a Web developer is a great career choice for anyone hoping to express their creativity. It’s also a field that’s always in high demand. Even if you don’t have any formal education, there are many different online courses you can take to grow your skills. Coursera offers online courses through accredited universities. If you want something a little less formal, Udemy is a great option. No matter which you choose, you’ll be able to refine your skills to land this well-paying job.

Annual Salary Range: $22,500 – $132,500.

4. Taxi Driver

taxi cab driver

Specific licensing requirements for taxi drivers vary from state to state but include being over 21 years of age, having a clean driving record, several years driving experience, and passing a background check. Generally, taxi drivers pay to lease their cabs from a cab company, keeping all the income they receive from their fares.

Work hours are long and often include nights, weekends, and holidays, and the work can even be dangerous at times. But with no previous cab driving experience needed and the ability to set your own hours, being a taxi driver can make for a comfortable career choice.

Annual Salary Range: $17,110 – $66,662

5. Rideshare Driver

Rideshare Driver Cab Tax Chauffeur

Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft let drivers use their own cars. That means more money in your pocket. Plus, because the rideshare industry can be cashless, you don’t have to worry about handling cash with your riders.

When you sign up to drive for Lyft, you can earn $1,000 after completing your first 125 rides. That is in addition to the tips you make on the road. This promotion is for a limited time, and terms apply.

5. Garbage Collector

garbage collector truck

You will need to wake up before the crack of dawn to start your work day, but you get most holidays off, receive good (often union) benefits, and you get to exercise on the job when you work as a garbage collector. Requirements include being physically fit, capable of lifting heavy items, and the ability to drive a garbage truck. You can begin looking for a job in this field on Waste Management’s career site.

Annual Salary Range: $19,920 – $59,922

6. Security Guard

security guard

Working as a security guard can mean a lot more than just patrolling the local mall for unruly teenagers. You might work as a protective sentry for an Embassy, a secure cash transporter for Brinks, or even a member of the Homeland Security team at the airport. A high school diploma is sufficient for most of these jobs, but requirements vary and could include passing a drug test, having a clean criminal record, and perhaps even obtaining a firearms license.

Annual Salary Range: $18,161 – $38,999

7. Bartender

bartender mixing a drink

You don’t need a formal education to work as a bartender, but you should go to a bartending school. Working behind a bar can be difficult, as each shift requires dealing with an imbibing public from different walks of life. Some locales have laws in place where a bar or bartender can be held responsible if a patron drinks too much, so there is the added pressure of monitoring how much alcohol your customers consume. The ABC Bartending School lists bartending school locations around the country.

Annual Salary Range: $13,085 – $47,298

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