Monday, June 24, 2019

Brazilian military wipes out 10 bank robbers in São Paulo

City of São Paulo Brazil heals sign of relief as the military of Police of the city has killed at least 10 bank robbers in the city
At least 10 bank robbers were shot dead on Thursday, April 4 after Brazilian military police busted a gang trying to blow up ATM machines near Sao Paulo, officials said.
A manhunt is under way for the rest of the assailants after they fled two banks in Guararema municipality, 80 kilometres north-east of Brazil’s biggest city, the Sao Paulo state government said in a statement.
Some of the attackers forced their way into a house where they held the occupants hostage.
The hostages were later freed by military police.
Around 25 assailants were involved in the early morning raid, according to the statement.
During a search of the area police found seven rifles, four pistols, explosives and bullet-proof vests.
Brazilian TV showed one of the banks targeted by the gang was located next to a police station. The other bank was at the end of the same street.
See photos of the robbers below…

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