Friday, June 21, 2019

A woman has been arrested after she tried to open an emergency exit door during a flight.

A woman has been arrested after she tried to open an emergency exit door during a flight.

The incident occurred on Monday shortly after the plane departed from Indianapolis International Airport for Detroit.


Fortunately, fellow passengers noticed what she was doing and they restrained the woman until the flight landed at about 6.45pm on Monday, officials said.


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Erica Donerson, a spokesperson for Detroit Metropolitan Airport, said the woman may have been suffering from a medical issue. The woman remains in custody but Ms Donerson said a preliminary investigation found she did not have criminal intent.


On Tuesday a spokesperson for the FBI said no federal charges would be filed against the passenger.

The flight was operated by Republic Airline, which apologised to affected customers on Tuesday.

A spokesperson told the Detroit Free Press:


We’re aware of an incident which occurred on our flight 5972 on Monday evening.

While we can confirm that the flight landed without incident and ahead of schedule, we’re unable to further comment as this matter is still being investigated.

We apologise to any passengers who were affected by this incident.

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