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A British drug specialist is pleadingto be permitted over into the UK with his high school spouse and their two kids.

A British drug specialist is pleadingto be permitted over into the UK with his high school spouse and their two kids.

Mohammed Anwar Miah is confined in Syria on doubt of supporting the Islamic State psychological oppressor gathering. ISIS Be that as it may, he has prevented being part from securing the fear based oppressor gathering and claims he went to the district for helpful work. He denies being an ISIS specialist yet concedes he’s dealt with a few individuals from the fear based oppressor gathering.

In a meeting with Daily Mail, Miah, who renamed himself Abu Obayda al-Britannia inside the caliphate, said he needs to return to the UK and bring his high school Syrian spouse and their two kids with him.

He stated:

I need to return home. I’m glad to be British. England has got great human rights and that is something worth being thankful for.

In a perfect circumstance I might want to return my better half and my youngsters to Britain with me and simply carry on with a typical life.

Miah left Birmingham in September 2014, crossing the outskirt from Turkey into Syria. He lived in the town of Mayadin, which was under IS rule for a long time.

He said he worked there as an aide orthopedic specialist, gaining from a book as he went. He was caught by Kurdish powers close Hajin in Deir ez-Zur, last September.

A video cut indicated him blindfolded saying he was “a certified drug specialist from the UK. I contemplated drug and drug store.”

He guaranteed not to be a specialist or supporter of IS. He included that he was only there to “help the overall population.”

“ISIS specialist” asks to be permitted to return home to the UK with his better half and youngsters

At the season of his catch, his Syrian spouse was five months pregnant. Miah says he doesn’t have even an inkling where they are presently and he has never met his most youthful kid.

Arguing to be permitted into the UK, Miah stated:

I’m not a risk to general society.

In any case, on the off chance that they feel that I am a peril, I am glad to go into any restoration program.

On the off chance that they need to rebuff me, they can rebuff me.

On the off chance that they need to screen me I have no issue. I am in regret for coming to Syria and on the off chance that I could return in time I wouldn’t come to Syria.

Miah is the most recent Briton to have gone to Syria to beg the UK Government to give them a chance to back in. The instance of Shamima Begum, a 19-year-old who left the UK for Syria at 15, and now needs to return in the wake of wedding and Islamist contender and conceiving an offspring multiple times, has likewise gotten global consideration. Likewise, throughout the end of the week, Oxford-brought into the world Muslim proselyte Jack Letts said he needed to return to the UK since he missed his mum.

Miah was struck off the UK drug specialist register in 2013 for designing “ghost” representatives, which enabled him to work additional hours in repudiation of EU enactment. The next year he told his mom he was going on vacation for three weeks yet stayed away forever. He has not addressed his family since.

In mid 2017, he wedded a Syrian whom he met at the clinic. He won’t name her however says they have a 18-month-old girl Mariam and another infant, whose sex he doesn’t have even an inkling.

Much the same as the mainstream ISIS lady of the hour Shamima Begum, Miah’s mom was conceived in Bangladesh yet the drug specialist says he would prefer to remain in a Syrian correctional facility than be sent there

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